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Thank you for your interest in Creative Playware products!

I am an designer that specialize in creating visually appealing gifts and souvenirs made out of the world’s most recognizable play bricks. My creations are inspired by art, architecture, fashion and wildlife.

Please contact me for line sheets and price lists at

Kristina Pilhage Fassberg
Designer & Owner
Creative Playware


Looking for something unique to your store or event?

The colorful material allows for an abundance of creative solutions and I'd love to collaborate with you to develop products that works in your store/s or for your event. Contact me today

De STIJL - GERRIT No. 7 necklace made with LEGO bricks GRATES necklaces made with LEGO bricks
Golen Gate Bridge store
de Young - Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco PIET paperclip holder made with LEGO® bricks de Young - Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco