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Creative Playware is a small independent design firm owned and run by me;  Kristina Fassberg.
I specialize in creating unique, playful and functional products made out of LEGO® elements. My signature colorful and structural designs are sold in museum stores and design centers around the U.S., Australia and the Netherlands. 

When I design with LEGO® elements, I'm inspired by contemporary artists and architects. Piet Mondrian, M. C. Escher, Daniel Buren, Gene Davis, Anne Truitt, Sean Scully and Kelly Ellsworth, Yves Klein, Dario Escobar, Gerrit Rietveld and Charles Rennie Mackintosh are some of my favorites. I am also influenced by modern architecture and forward-thinking architectual firms like Snøhetta.

I also draw inspiration from my Swedish heritage as well as my long-term passion for - of all things - DINOSAURS!

I grew up in Sweden, and later educated in business and graphic art in Sweden and the U.S. I was inspired by my (then) 7 year old son to start Creative Playware. I now reside in the Bay Area in California.

Thank you for being interested in my story. If you would like more information or images to use for your story, please contact me at


Bay Area Drop In, Season 4 - Episode 1 featured the PIET No. 5 and the BAUHAUS No. 4 necklaces in a segment on personal style inspired by art, filmed at the Oakland Museum, California.