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Czech Kladruber Horse - Czech Kladrubský kůň

Kladruber stallion Generale Ariosa XLVIII-4 photo courtesy of owner Petra Simms Sekerkova, Woodside, California, USA
The Kladruber (Czech Kladrubský kůň) is one of the world's oldest horse breeds.
They are majestic, heavy type carriage horses, suitable for light draft and agriculture, and can be seen in the sport of combined driving. The Kladrubers were bred to serve as ceremonial carriage horses at the Habsburg courts in Vienna and Prague in the 14th through the 17th-century. Today, they still do the same at the Danish court, while others are used by the trumpeters from the Swedish Royal Mounted Guard. Some Kladrubers carry police officers in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Kladrubers, also known as Oldkladruby horses, is the oldest known Czech horse breed. They are considered rare; less than 500 mares exist worldwide. The beautiful horse shown here is Kladruber stallion Generale Ariosa XLVIII-4.
[Photo courtesy of owner Petra Simms Sekerkova White Horse Dressage, Woodside, California, USA]

The main breeding center is in National Stud Farm Kladruby nad Labem in the Czech Republic, where Kladrubers have been bred for more than 400 years. The stud farm was declared an UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2019. The breed originally came in a variety of colors, although today the breed is strictly gray or black.

We hope you will enjoy building our colorful and playful version of this famous horse!